Bootloop after install SPI device

Hi everyone,

My Jetson TX2 stucks in a bootloop after I installed the spi device. I followed the instruction from this Website:

My L4T-Version is R28.2.1. For building the kernel I used the scripts from JetsonHacks.

The verifying of the SPIDev module worked fine.

The installing of the DTC Tool, decompiling, updating and recompiling the device tree worked also fine.

Then I flashed the DTB with the script from a host device. Then, after rebooting, the system stucks in a bootloop. I can’t read it so fast, because it is rebooting after a few seconds.

I flashed the original DTB and the system works well again. So, the problem has to be in flashing the device tree or I wrote something wrong into the dts, but I followed the instruction step by step and insert the device tree patch on the right position.

I skipped the last step to enable the FDT in /boot/extlinux.conf because I flashed it with the script before.

I hope you can help me to get this to work.

Thank you and best regards


I can’t say for sure, but I suspect the problem is the installation of the device tree. It looks like the article you are using for procedure is from a release where device tree did not require signing. I am guessing that if you use the flash tools to install the device tree, then it should work.

See official docs, plus:

Hi linuxdev,

thank you very much for your reply and exuse me for my late answer. I didn’t have internet over the weekend.

I read about signing the device tree before, but I thought this is done automatically by the flashing script

I will try your suggestions and will give you a feedback about the results.


Ohh my God! I solved the problem. It was so silly that it can’t be so silly…

I figured out that the SD-Card, which I used to transfer the dts File from /dev/device-tree, does that the Jetson TX2 can’t boot and stuck in the boot loop.

It was a coincidence this time, I let the SD-Card in my Host device and didn’t plugged it in the Jetson back again. And surprise, it works now…

Soo everything was fine and the manual on the website still works. The flashing script performs automatically the signing. I read it in the flashing log, from your second link.

Next time unplug all unnecessary devices from the Jetson :)

Thank you guys for your help and this great forum! It contains a lot of helpful informations. Go on please! :D

Serious researchers in design patterns for errors refer to this as “well, duh!”. Sorry, couldn’t resist, one of my old colleagues came up with this :P Glad it worked out without lots of grief.