Bootloop issue on 35.3.1

Hi all
We used to connect a pixhawk (flight controller)
to the THS0 UART of the Jetson.
When we were working on 32.7.1 everything looked well.
However When upgrading to 35.3.1 it seems that we are entering something like bios/bootloader)
interface. (It looks on the screen that someone is “pressing” on a keyboard.)
However when we disconnect the UART connection everything works well.
So our assumption is that some random bytes on THS0 are interrupting the normal boot sequence.
Is this reasonable?
How can we prevent the L4T from “listening” to the incoming bytes?

Any update?
Is there an easy way to disable the UARTs during this stage or disable the UEFI menu and bypass this problem?
(I don’t know how or want to compile custom UEFI)

The latest release is Jetpack 5.1.2. It would be great if you can upgrade to the version and try. If the issue is still present, please share a method to reproduce it on Xavier NX developer kit. So that we can set up and try.

Hi matanj,

Are you using the devkit or custom board for Xavier NX?

Which UART interface are you using? UART1 on 40-pins expansion header?

Please share the result of cat /proc/cmdline on your board.

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