Jetpack 5.0.2 unable to boot when UART connected and sending signals

Booting issue for JP5.0.2 installed on NVME. with GPIO pin is attached to UART console, it doesn’t booting at all - No booting screen or else, just blank screen forever.

I have GPIO Pin 8, 10 and few other pins which is connected to /dev/ttyTHS0 debugging console I know this is interactive console.
How can I prevent this causing not booting? Since it wasn’t causing issue back in JP 4.6 or earlier with Xavier NX and I need to use these pin connected in my case.


can you confirm it’s caused by serial console setup?
could you please try to narrow down the issue, for example, please remove NVME, or, please remove all connections on 40-pin expansion header.

I’ve checked this before and to clarify.
At least booting Xavier NX with development kit alone doesn’t have stucked at booting issue.

When Xavier NX is stucked at booting removing 6-pin UART signal pins from 40-pin header then reboot
allows cooling fan starts to spin and GUI brings up just normally.
I have disabled nvgetty.service but won’t apply during boot stage right?

Nothing else externally attached to Xavier NX 16 GB + Devkit
Other than Power, DP Cables and single USB keyboard & mouse receiver
and using 921600 8N1 UART port


don’t you only need Tx/Rx and GND for uart? please share the pin connections for reference,

Sorry for missed information.
I’ve been using 6pin for Nano/Xavier NX both compatible
6 Pins are VCC(5V for power up Nano)/RXD/TXD/RTS/CTS/GND
Flow control pins are connected but disabled (0V out)
Would this cause issue? I can physically remove VCC, RTS & CTS if needed.


yes, please have a try to leave only Tx/Rx and GND connected. thanks

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