Breakout vs Single Cables


If ports and power is not an issue, is it better or any advantage to use breakout cables (1 x 40GB to 4 x 10GB) or is it preferred to use single cables? Will one be better latency wise? This is to connect to 4 Nutanix Nodes

Yes that’s what I was looking for.Okay, so when you split the ports you split the buffer so depending on traffic type i.e- bursty, jumbo frame you could incur a higher latency penalty using split ports versus a single port on this switch platform.However of course splitter ports have a port density advantage.Hope this helps clarify advantages/disadvantages of using split vs single cable designs.

Hi David,

Which module switch would you be using ?

is that the switch you are asking?

If yes the switch are SX1012 and Network Cards Intel X520-DA2