Bridge firewalling registered - Xavier NX dev kit


Fresh installation of jetpack 5.1.2 has been done on Xavier NX dev kit (eMMC 16Gb, NVME 250Gb) before this problem.

After installation of jetpack through SDKM on NVME disk, done with the deepstream setup and rebooted.

After reboot gui is not opened, instead I am getting this screen bellow

When I login with credentials it working as a terminal below.

Can anyone help me, how to get back to the gui …?

Note: when I am flashing jetpack to NVME i followed a tutorial to change conf file forovercomming the utilisation of App patition. Here is the screen shot of it


do you get anything with xrandr and /var/log/Xorg.0.log?


here is the output for xrandr

regarding the log file, i cant copy and paste it here,


if you want log file, please guide to take it from xavier.


Access the device from the serial console and dump the log here.

Hi DaveYYY,

is it possible to get solve this issue with out log…? Because it will take time for me to setup and extract log through UART. Because iam in a very time constrain situation and unable to procure these wire and all…!

Then please just re-flash the device.

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