Bridge over VFs


I did not find this information in the documentation, so I would like to

know if it is possible to create a bridge on a carddivided into several


What I mean is:

1 - Divide a Mellanox board into 4 VFs per port;

2 - Over a VF, create a bridge and use it for traffic.

I ask this because I’m trying to run the VMs on RHEV this way and I’m not

getting it.

Thank you all.

Hi Jorge,

Yes, it is possible.

You just need to create the bridge and add the VF interface.

Please review SR-IOV section in MLNX_OFED User Manual for the required steps to configure the VFs.

Note that it’s possible to offload the traffic using ASAP^2 technology, which describes here:



Hi Chen, thank you for your help!!

Yes, with Openvswitch I already use it, both on connectx3 and connectx4 and it works.

I would like to know if with normal Linux bridge, that is, without OpenvSwitch.

Here I also use RHEV and I would like to use it, however RHEV does not support OpenvSwitch.