Broadcast App won't install

Windows 10 Pro with T4 GPU
the broadcast app won’t work
it won’t install
it neither installs with nvidia driver downloaded for tesla
nor it will install with cuda 11.3 installed driver;
While in the for,er case it would say that it requires a newer driver, in the latter case it pass this step but end up with error output further saying nothing was installed;
any way to use it?

can the broadcast app work on any of these?
It won’t install at all

Hi @Andrey1984

If you wish to try out the NVIDIA broadcast app, you need an RTX series card. T4, V100, and A100 fall are cards designed for datacenter applications.

For Maxine: Linux SDK is designed to work with the datacenter cards and the windows SDK is designed to work with the RTX cards. I hope this answers your questions

@tvarshney which exactly RTX offering from cloud providers will work with the broadcast app?
among other things I tried AWS instance NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation - WinServer 2019 (sold by Ensim Corporation - An Ingram Micro Company)
Google Cloud instance NVIDIA Quadro Virtual Workstation on Google Cloud Platform. etc

@tvarshney Do you imply that Azure, AWS EC2, Amazon Workspace, Google Cloud etc, are not good enough to run the broadcast app at all?

so these RTX can not be used with the Broadcast App, right?

Download the NVIDIA Broadcast App this is the system requirements. Which GPU are you using? You also need the latest driver as well, please make sure to upgrade your driver

Hi lingq
Thank you for your response.
We tried various GPU’s from cloud providers, Amazon, Google, Microsoft.
We tried various cloud workstations/ servers.
Noone worked.
Could you let me know if the Broadcast app could be run on any of the cloud providers, please?
We have Google Cloud, Azure Cloud , Amazon cloud solutions including but not limited to sold/ provided by nvidia. We tried dozen of them noone worked