Broadcom AP / CUDA 7.5 / I2S Support in SDK

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Some questions on TX-1:

  1. Broadcom wifi module in TX1: As from the link this device is used as client devices in smartphones and others.However, as per another link (, Jetson TX1’s WiFi controller can be run in Access Point (AP) hot-spot mode, enabling TX1 to host it’s own WiFi network. Can someone confirm us that TX1 module supports AP mode?

  2. CUDA Toolkit 7.5: For GPU Application we are using CUDA Toolkit 7.5. From docs we understood that R23.2 SDK supports CUDA Toolkit 7.0 because it uses kernel version 3.10.67. Is it needed to upgrade to latest version(like 3.19) to support CUDA 7.5?

  3. If the kernel needs to be upgraded, can we apply Tegra SDK changes on that kernel?

  4. I2S Software Feature: In Tegra_Linux_Driver_Package_Software_Feature_List_23.2 doc, I2S interface is missing in software feature supported. Is there any limitation in SDK to support I2S?

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I haven’t done it myself, but here is a thread about setting up as AP:

On R23.2 and R24.1 it looks like CUDA 7.0 is provided. I do not know what future plans are for JTX1 CUDA version support.

You may want to be more specific about kernel upgrades. Newer kernel sources may not be compatible with the binary files provided for accelerated hardware access, but the existing kernel can be reconfigured in many ways. There are cases where a newer kernel feature is needed and the feature was back ported to the current kernel.

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Any idea about the I2S software support?


I have no specific information on i2s setup. I would guess there would be some firmware setup for a GPIO to be used as an interrupt, some kernel configuration, and actual hardware wiring. Wikipedia offers links to i2s information in general:

The documents used for GPIO and other information specific to the Jetson are either in the specific L4T release version page, or here:

Documentation on how to alter dtb and other firmware files indirectly used for controller setup is not specific to Jetson, and applies from any kernel programming documentation (the Tegra X1 TRM gives controller addreses, these would be used in a dtb file if setup is required before boot or early on in boot). There is also some information on dtc (device tree compiler) within the kernel source for any specific kernel (usually a package manager can download dtc, but a version specifically for an exact kernel ships with each kernel source).

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I use the WiFi Access Point, others seemed to be able to get it working too:
I setup hostapd essentially like normal for Ubuntu (,
except set bcmdhd’s parameter op_mode=2

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Can anybody please answer the question: IS THERE ANY I2S SUPPORT ON THE JETSON TX2?

Hi luishallvaldez,

This thread is for TX1, please file another topic with specific issue into TX2 board.