Browser video performance

I ran into a very choppy performance of Plex running on Chromium on TK-1. I know, media center is one of the least attractive options for the board, but as I’m trying TK-1 as my home management, always on, TV connected solution it would be really nice to have that running.
I’m in the process of upgrading to 19.3 so maybe that will resolve some issues, but until then, maybe some of you ran into the problem and solved it already?

first update with 19.3 flashed - still same crappy performance.
Installed chromium without updating the OS just to avoid any possible interference.
Chromium has the flag checked “Use hardware acceleration when available”, unfortunately in the process listing, the gpu-process has disabled accelerated video decode, and clearly is not aware of graphics device it is running on.
Firefox did not even start playing the video content, Firefox seems to have slightly better performance, I will review the configuration and hopefully can shed some light on it, next step is to build xmbc.

Gstreamer is needed to accelerate video playback, since Chromium uses FFMPEG for security reasons, that would probably explain the slowness.