Playing 1080p youtube videos performance on tk1

I’ve installed:

  • last Jetpack (21.3)
  • chromium-browser
  • flash by these instructions:

But fullHD videos still playing slow in chromium What I am doing wrong?
Example of fullHD

Buz you’re running it under chrome…

There are too many stuffs involved this way, if you’re testing it’s decoding capability.

Get the video and run it with their test program “nvgstplayer”.

It should work.

Even on my PC (linux) the quality of a browser video playback is “suboptimal” at the best. If there’s a video that I want to see in proper quality, I use youtube-dl to download it and then use a native player to view it. Typically native players (like the nvgstplayer mentioned above) use HW acceleration for the decoding and especially for the rendering of the video frames while the browser do not.

EDIT: I think Kodi has youtube plugin. It’s a good player in many other ways too:

Guys, it seems very strange.

Does moving to android can solve the problem?

On Android the built-in browsers do support the full HW accelerated path. In some cases watching a youtube video on Android actually opens a separate native player for it.

In that sense, yes moving to Android can solve the problem.

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Warning, it’s very strange, because of my ubuntu on another computer can play this video very well.

My computer is hp touchsmart 600-1050, here is specification of it:

btw, firefox works incredebily faster on it (but it has just 2 cores, against 4 at jetson). What’s up?