Chromium issues on Jetson TK1

I haven’t played with the board in a while. I flashed the latest release to it, updated to 16.04 via the sticky with no issues. I installed chromium 69.0.3497.81 easily. Chromium works but it is having issues.

One example is with The browser starts to lag out pretty bad taking quite awhile to load the page. Once loaded, running a test nets me results like 138.26 Mbps down and 87.17 Mbps up. This is very far from my connection speeds. When I run the cli version I get my full 968 Mbps up and down.
I also ran a separate test on a page that showed a very high loss (70%) when testing my streaming abilities.

If possible, I’d like to find the issue, has anyone else noticed issues like this?

Do be sure you run with the system not in an energy saving mode. Max clocks before starting the test:

sudo ~ubuntu/

You might still have a bandwidth issue, but knowing the clocks are at max would be a necessary first step for any kind of comparison to have meaning.

It’s interesting that the command line version is showing the full bandwidth though. It’s only in browsers the issue surfaces. I don’t seem to have that script, but manually did so.

I do find that somewhat curious as well, but when using a browser for a speed test I wonder if some component of the browser itself is participating and part of the slowest link in the chain (e.g., javascript). Actual profiling probably isn’t too easy, but if you were to install “htop” (I prefer this to ordinary “top”), and run while doing both the browser based test and command line, what shows up for CPU and memory use? Is there anything that sticks out? I suspect it might be related to needing more CPU use through a browser…don’t know (this older 32-bit platform was a breakthrough to have GPU, but the 32-bit CPU was still just as slow as other 32-bit ARM).