[BUG] Deploying conformer-CTC on Riva 1.8.0b0 requires non-existing NeMo toolkit 1.6.0rc0

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Hardware - GPU (T4/A100)
Hardware - CPU Intel
Operating System Ubuntu 18.04, containers
Riva Version 1.8.0b0

A conformer-CTC model built using NeMo toolkit 1.5.1, cannot be converted to riva format, because riva schema requires NeMo toolkit version 1.6.0rc0. However, such version of the toolkit simply does not exist, neither on GitHub, nor in the NGC catalog. The most recent one is from 16.12. (nemo:1.5.1), whereas the latest riva 1.8.0b0 is from 17.12.

How can this be solved? Or better yet, where can one find NeMo 1.6.0rc0

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1.6.0rc0 is the current top of tree on Github. GitHub - NVIDIA/NeMo: NeMo: a toolkit for conversational AI

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Hello, did you manage to run your own Conformer model in riva 1.8.0b0?

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