[bug] Linux 381.22 PowerMizer isn't reducing clocks fast enough


I’m testing my 1050Ti under Linux and found issue regarding PowerMizer.
When I run Windows desktop, drivers downclock card in very efficient way: GPU clock is kept low, about 130 MHz and sometimes goes into native 1300 MHz for less then second when I open app are start switching windows rapidly. But then clock is reduced to 130 MHz just in blink of eye, less then half a second IMO.
This isn’t same under Linux. There, when I open new app clock is raised to 1300 MHz and it’s kept as long as 30-35 seconds! Effectively clock is almost always kept in native 1300 MHz and isn’t lowered at all. This increase system power consumption quite a lot, about 10-15W and generate unnecessary heat.
PowerMizer is set to Auto, same thing on Adaptive.

My system is:
Intel i7 4770
GTX 1050 Ti
Kubuntu Linux 17.04
NVidia 381.22 Driver from PPA

I can help to track this down, but need some guidelines how to do it.


Already discussed here: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1002912/-381-xx-384-xx-increased-power-consumption-for-applications-which-don-t-use-any-2d-3d-acceleration/

NVIDIA is unfortunately uncooperative.

There’s nothing to help with. NVIDIA is perfectly aware of this issue and they think it’s how things should be.