BUG: NVIDIA Linux Vulkan drv has issues with Xlib Vulkan ext.

NV Linux Vulkan drv has issues with Xlib Vulkan ext. Xcb ext seems working… confirmed as this prevented working sample on GLFW (see:bit.ly/1TprA5N) and Nopper samples (bit.ly/1WuU5hF)
changing the samples to use Xcb functions like: Crjavascript:void(0);eateXcbSurfaceKHR GetPhysicalDeviceXcbPresentationSupportKHR instead of CreateXlibSurfaceKHR and GetPhysicalDeviceXlibPresentationSupportKHR
fixed the both issues…

Thanks for reporting this.

We are investigating.



The problem seems to be that some library returns null for vkCreateXlibSurfaceKHR. The GLFW report bascially confirms this. Not sure if this is the driver’s fault or if the loader is buggy here.

Interestingly, it does return a valid function pointer for vkGetPhysicalDeviceXlibPresentationSupportKHR, even when the Xlib extension is not explicitly enabled during instance creation - not sure if that is intentional. Will the driver always load the extension?

Would be great to have this fixed soon as it would allow conveniently using Vulkan with SDL, which does not expose xcb handles.