Bug NV Linux driver exposed using ImgTec Gnome Horde Vulkan demo..

to be clear don’t know if it’s a bug of Nvidia Linux driver or Imgtec Gnome Horde Vulkandemo…
just downloaded demo from Imgtec Vulkan site…
compiled as said readme.md
just two fixes:
I fixed code std::this_thread::sleep to std::this_thread::sleep_for
and I delete from bin folder libvulkan.so as isn’t working with that library instead use official ICD loader…
with that it founds the device:

Found 1 physical devices, using device 0
Found 1 queues
Init complete, creating display
All swapchain extensions available
All WSI extensions available

but then crashes:
Violación de segmento (`core’ generado)
searching code seems in renderer.cpp

vkGetPhysicalDeviceDisplayPropertiesKHR call crashes altough the pointer to function is nout null
as assert(fn_vkGetPhysicalDeviceDisplayPropertiesKHR); doesn’t break the program…

hope can fix driver or point code change!

Thanks for reporting this, we are investigating

Any chance you could share the output from the validation layers?