Bug? What causes PxFilterObjectAttributes to update?

I have an object with 1 shape, flagged as kinematic trigger, works fine. I then flag kinematic off, and flag trigger off on the shape, while then setting it as a sim shape. I turn gravity on, give it a nudge and it starts falling in PVD.
The problem is it goes right through the static origin plane. So I checked the sim filter shader and Im still getting a trigger/static hit,

if(PxFilterObjectIsTrigger(attributes0) || PxFilterObjectIsTrigger(attributes1))

where it appears attributes0 is still flagged as trigger, even though I turned the trigger flag off, sim shape on (and kinematic off). Oddly, the kinematic flag is gone, and it seems the trigger flag is still being placed in the objects attributes0, is this a bug?

I use my own additional flags set in the filaterData so I might be able to work around it, but it doesnt seem right.

Im using 3.3.0 because of a problem Im having with the newer version at the moment, but I dont see any mention of this scenario in the 3.3.2 release notes so Im not sure if its still an issue, or something new.


That could be a bug, sure. You might need to reset filtering, have you tried that?