Objects fall through the triangle mesh

Hey, I’ve been using PhysX recently for simple simulation, and I’m running into a problem. Half of the physics objects spawned in the game fall through the static triangle mesh that makes up the physical world.
These objects seem to react somewhat with the ground, and then fall straight through into the void. I’m pretty new to the thing, so maybe I’m screwing something up, but my setup seems to be fine. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing it?


Hi! I don’t know if It’s too late for that. You should check the flags assigned after cooking

triangleMeshShape = actorStage->createShape(PxTriangleMeshGeometry(triangleMesh), *pxMaterial);

	filterData.word0 = FilterGroup::eSCENARIO_AND_PROPS;
	filterData.word1 = FilterGroup::ePLAYER | FilterGroup::eENEMYALIVE | FilterGroup::eBULLETS;

That’s how we do it. The key line is the last one.