Build a PC for Video Editing

What is the best video card for this setup?

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What is the best video card for a configuration similar to this one:

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Hi @jhonn , welcome to the NVIDIA developer community.

I am not sure about your motivation to ask this question here, since in your blog post you are linking to tries to already explain that you don’t really need a GPU for a video editing setup.

But as you also write, some modern Video Editing tools allow the final render process to be GPU accelerated. For that step any modern NVIDIA GPU will work nicely, there is no “best” aspect here, since many GPUs share the same video encoding capabilities even though their graphics capabilities differ.

It all depends on your specific use-cases. Is it a dedicated video processing workstation that will be used for nothing else and needs fast turn-around between adding changes, checking preview and rendering to files as well as being able to handle large projects? Get a low- to mid-tier Workstation GPU.
Will it be used only on occasion for video editing, for example by a creator/streamer, but also used for gaming? Get a mid- to high-end GeForce GPU.

As so often with these kind of questions, there is not “The One” solution, you always have a choice depending on your needs and circumstances.

I hope this helps.

I’m building a PC to edit videos and use a geoprocessing software, ArcGIS. But I think I understand your answer, I won’t need anything very robust.
Thank you, you helped.

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