Build CAN driver from source

As the head line suggest, I want to update the CAN driver on a Jetson TX2 with L4T28.3 running on it.

Therefor my idea was to take the actual mttcan-driver from (r32.2) and compile it.

My first idea how I can compile the driver was to simply use and copy the new mttcan files I downloaded from hartkopp/nvidia-t18x-can to the directory downloaded by buildJetsonTX2Kernel. Doing this ended in some compiler errors, so I decided before I start trying to fix those errors to firstly ask here whether it’s a sensible undertaking at all.

So is this as easy as I think and which steps I have to do?


Yeah you can update mttcan driver in R28.3 build as well.
Can you please paste the error logs?