Build jetson nano sd image from Ubuntu minimal installation?

I am using DLINANO image. Can NVIDIA or someone provide a list of what have been added by NVIDIA, or even better, a git repo for the image? I want to add some files/drivers and make further tuning of the image for light-weight and performance.

Hi vle, the DLI Nano code isn’t provided outside of the course image, as there are a number of dependencies that need installed and configured (including PyTorch, JupyterLab, and others). For more info, please refer to this post:

@dusty_nv Thank you for the pointer. There are some documentations in the DLINANO image I want to suggest modifications. How do I send those and get them incorporated?

I created an article describing how can you build and customize an image from scratch.

Hi pythops,
I saw your article about own image creation. This is for a kit with 4GB RAM. Can you please share, how do I customize this safely for a kit with 2GB RAM?


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