Building kernel in CI, but cant flash DTB still?


I built a nice CI flow for one of the engineers so that he can easily just push to the .config file and it will build the kernel image for him and place it in an artifacts folder. I want to be able to dump the image and the dtb in there and have an easy way to flash it for him without connecting to usb. Has the dtb encryption thing been solved yet? I havent found a good way in the forums to do this yet. I just want to be able to ssh into the machine and copy the two new files over and reboot.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



There is an alternative. Nano supports extlinux boot so you could actually put it under /boot/dtb and write a patch inside extlinux.conf.

LABEL primary
      MENU LABEL primary kernel
      LINUX /boot/Image
      FDT /boot/dtb/your-dtb
      INITRD /boot/initrd
      APPEND ${cbootargs} quiet

But you better using this method after jetpack4.4. Or you have to manually add this to your kernel cmdline too.

root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rw rootwait rootfstype=ext4