Building platform for the NX BSP tar ball


I am just beginning a project using the NX processor. I have downloading the BSP tar ball and want to add a few drivers to support our customer interfaces.

My question is, what system should be used to build the image. Can a Ubuntu machine be used? Do I need a cross compiler environment setup?

Any information/link about setting this up or what can be used would be helpful.


hello malcolm.mcdowell,

yes, you’re able to use ubuntu machine to setup the development environment.
please refer to developer guide, Jetson Linux Driver Package Toolchain to download the pre-built toolchain binaries, and please setting up cross-compile environment variables.
in addition, please also refer to developer guide, Building the NVIDIA Kernel. it show the steps/procedure to build the NVIDIA kernel.

You might find this of some use regarding how images are produced during flash:
(currently flash is from an Ubuntu 18.04 host PC, and the Jetson is flashed with Ubuntu 18.04 as well)

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Thanks for your responses.


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