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We are using the Nano as an edge device with object detection on camera streams and have been developing on the Jetson Nano computer itself. We would rather would like to set up a development environment on a Windows and/or MacOS computer. I tried searching the forum and google the topic but are not able to find a good solution.

As I understand it it’s not possible to run a docker container emulating the arm processor on a x86 windows machine, only on a x86 running linux? If so this is not an option, but would have been convienient.

How is everybody else setting up their development environment? Visual studio code with remote ssh? I would very much appreciate how everybody else is setting upp their development environment and if you have any good tricks and tips you could share!

To use PC with native Ubuntu OS is suggested.

Yes, I understand this is the best way, but thanks for claryfing.

But I was looking for good workflows that could be used on a Windows / MacOS for development.

If you are flashing, then sometimes a VM (running Linux) will work, but you are on your own setting it up. Often a VM’s USB will not pass through correctly, and you’d need the VM vendor to help you make sure the USB gets passed through even if it disconnects and reconnects. You’d still be running Linux though, and would need plenty of disk space available using the ext4 filesystem.

During flash image creation loopback is used, which is something WSL does not have, and you need to create ext4 filesysems, which could work from WSL, but not worthwhile since WSL does not have loopback.

If you are not flashing, and you compile natively on the Jetson, then serial console and ssh will work from Windows. It might be possible to use a VM for cross compile, but it is probably a steep learning curve (even under Linux cross compile for some purposes are easy, but a steep learning curve for other cases).

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