Cross-platform development Mac/Jetson

My team would like to use our Macs to develop software for final deployment on Jetson devices. We’d like to use Docker containers.

  • Does Nvidia provide support or recommended workflows for developing on Mac with the intention of deploying on Jetsons? If so, could you provide some details or direct us to the relevant documentation?
  • Are there tools or practices that you recommend to facilitate cross-platform development in this context, ensuring that code written and containers built on Mac can be seamlessly deployed and run on Jetson devices?
  • Can you provide any insights or suggestions on how to best leverage Nvidia Docker containers for development on non-Nvidia hardware while maintaining compatibility and performance when deploying to Nvidia hardware?

As info, the reason we don’t develop directly on the Jetsons is because Ubuntu doesn’t support our company proxy/VPN and thus we can’t interact with GitLab or other internal tools.

We would recommend use host PC in Linux OS. If using Mac is a must, you may try virtual machine to have Linux-like environment.

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Could you share more about your use case?

For a user-space library, like CUDA/TensorRT/PyTorch.
You can install the library directly to simulate the Jetson environment.

There are some compatible desktop versions from JetPack or the website.
These libraries usually support the x86 Linux system and it might not work on Mac.

But if your application requires some Jetson-only hardware, ex VIC/PVA/OFA.
You will need to develop it on the Jetson directly.


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