How to get a Jetson Nano Dev kit to reliable connect to Windows OS

Some Windows PCs will allow connection some won’t, some will connect intermediately. How do I get it to connect reliably? Does the production model connect to Windows?

We would suggest use host PC in Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04. This is the setup we suggest for development. It may not work properly if you use host PC in Windows OS.

Same for the production module?

Note that if you are speaking of developing or flashing, then the question is quite different than if you just want to connect between Windows and a Jetson. Ethernet, ssh, so on, shouldn’t care if this is a Jetson, nor if the other end is Windows. In the case of providing a virtual USB hard drive, then it is true that the filesystem type has to be something Windows would understand, but that in general isn’t something most people run into unless sharing an SD card.

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