Realtime USB data transfer between PC and Jetson


I need to write a Linux module that accepts function calls from the user space and sends them efficiently to an Nvidia Jetson device using a USB3.0 connection (uni project)

Software-wise - I’ve read about how to write USB drivers in linux using Modules and usb.h library

Hardware-wise: I’m not sure if jetson supports this, what cable should I use? USB A to USB A (Does such thing even exist?)? USB A to USB C?

In short, does Nvidia Jetson (Nano or any other type) Support real-time data transfer via USB between it and PC (Both from jetson to PC and from PC to jetson)? Are there specific things that I need to be aware of?


USB is always type-A at one end, and type-B at the other end. In cases where the cable seems to be just one type on each end the cable actually has extra wires (meaning type-C). One end is always the host (e.g., PC), and the other end is always a device (e.g., mouse or keyboard). You would want a type-A at the host PC end, and type-B at the device end. Type-C is something I’ve not kept up on standards with, but it has a lot more wires and the ability to work on different wires such that it appears to be both type-A and type-B at a given end, but that’s actually an illusion of smart use of extra wiring.

Jetsons do not support isochronous mode when acting as a device. Jetsons have no issue as a host which uses an isochronous device. This is the real-time mode. An example is audio.

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