How can I get the nano to output to usb 2.0/3.0?

I have a project where I need to provide usb input to a computer (output from jetson nano), and I probably need to do this over two different ports, one of which is usb3, and one of which is usb2 (though if I could repurpose the micro-usb to output I would only need an extra usb3 output).

I’m really new to embedded devices, and low level programming in general. From what I saw from a post on this forum, this required a special device(a hat) connected to the nano to provide this functionality, as the jetson nano didn’t have the ability to do this natively. I don’t know if that’s the still the case, and if it is, the recommended peripherals to get (or if I would need to custom make them, or find some way to hard wire output). the usb3.0 output is something I could live without if I had to, but I really need 2.0 or microusb output for my project.

if anyone can provide suggestions, or point me in the right direction in terms of guides, tutorials, or resources on setting up usb output.

okay, so for other people interested in doing something similar, I found this post explicitly stating this in not possible with micro-usb, that the output would have to be using a type-A.

another option that I’m currently reading up on(to see if it’s possible) is to use an m2m hdmi to usb3.0 to redirect output to another computer from the jetson nano’s HDMI port.

I’ve found a few post mentioning configuring jetson nano using as usb gadget that mentioned 2 way communication which might be what I need. I’m trying to use the jetson nano as a usb device for a pc.

part of the project is setting up the jetson nano as a “relay” between a usb webcam and a pc, hopefully with minimal latency, and doing computation on a copy of the image data

I think you can elaborate the real usecase you want to achieve.

Maybe other people can share more after they know your exact usecase. At that time, maybe there is no need to check the low-level drivers.

I’m trying to set up the jetson nano as a device where device output is based off computer vision

the nano will sit as relay between the computer and a webcam, and either have as second connection that will act as a device on the computer, or find a way to integrate the output of the program into a single connection with the webcam feed.

the nano will be cloning the images captured from the webcam into a buffer before relaying them to the computer, and then performing work based off that


Ok, then what problem do you have here?
Actually, I also don’t get why you must use usb interface between host and nano. Why not use something like ethernet?

It is also easy to send the image from webcam to your host through TCP/IP interface.

for a PoC? none, I suppose, as ethernet is built for 2 way communication.

I guess this is a problem I can solve later once I have the rest of the code working