Camera to microUSB port of Jetson Nano 2GB

Could you connect USB camera to microUSB port of the Jetson Nano 2GB? If not, what could you use the microUSB port for?

On the Nano the micro-USB port only functions in “device” mode. A device always connects to a “host”, and there is never a “host-to-host” arrangement (nor a “device-to-device”). A keyboard or mouse is a “device”. The computer the device plugs into is a “host”. The port is actually an “on the go” (“OTG”) port, which accepts either a host or device cable, but an ID detect pin informs the Nano of which cable type is plugged in. The Nano is only wired and set up for being in device mode (other computers often switch between host and device mode depending on the type of cable plugged in to the OTG port).

The port, when in device mode, can become certain “virtual” devices, e.g., a host PC running SDK Manager might talk to the Nano over the micro-USB port if the Nano has been set up to provide a virtual ethernet device. In that case the host PC can pretend the Nano is a router (the Nano behaves as a device) and get an IP address for that virtual ethernet, and then use ordinary networking to talk to the Jetson.