Is simultaneous display output to HDMI & USB3.0 and DSI port possible?

I’m preaparing my proj. using Jetson Nano SOM.

My target board need to output video signal simultaneouly through HDMI, USB3.0 and DSI ports.

is it just a software issue? (= means it is achievable if appropriate software is implemented)
or is there any restriction on Jetson Nano’s architecture to achieve my goal?

I’m just checking the feasibility before I start my proejct.
so, feel free to answer me.

any kind of comments or feedback will be welcomed…



What does that mean output video signal through usb3.0? What device is on this usb3.0?

We will transmit video stream on USB3.0 port to external laptop. or note PC.

That depends on what kind of “video stream” you want to send.

I cannot give a 100% guarantee without knowing your actual usecase. Your request is a rough one and a large one.

For example, if you want to bring up DSI panel, it requires further work in linux kenrel.
If you want to send data through usb3.0, then we need to know what kind of framework/application you want to use.

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