Jetson Nano Dev Kit 2gb: received USB 2.0 wireless adapter

I just received my Jetson Nano 2gb Developer Kit. It came with a small USB adapter with the following data on it:

HAOLIYUAN(SHENZHEN) ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD Mini 802.11ac Wireless USB Adapter 0611

The product’s manual specifies that it is a USB 2 device.

However, both Jetson’s manual and Nvidia’s “Getting started” guide recommend connecting the included wireless adapter to the USB 3 port with the provided short USB extension for faster transfer rates and to redce EMI.

My questions are:
Did I receive a lower-specs Wireless adapter? Otherwise, why would Nvidia recommend connecting a USB 2 device to the only USB 3 Jetson’s port, therefore wasting it?
And why does a small USB wireless adapter create a bigger EMI that a PCIe adapter just below the ARM chip?

As said it is for better performance to connect to single port. The two USB 2.0 ports go through a USB hub on board.

Also as said extension cable is to reduce RF interference between USB networking adapter and the developer kit