Sending data from android to jetson over a usb cable

I wanna know how can I achieve data communication between android and jetson nano over a USB cable

This would need other users to share suggestion. We don’t have much experience in the use-case.

A general way for connecting to a host PC and transmitting files is to use ssh communication. We can copy the files from host to Jetson device(running in device mode) by running:

$ scp _FILE_ nvidia@

For Android phone it generally runs in device mode. Not sure if there is a way to run Android in host mode and use this method.

Indeed, if the Android is in device mode, then most of the time the Android looks like a mass storage device to the Jetson. So the Jetson could probably treat this like a thumb drive, but it depends on the setup. I will suggest that on the Jetson you monitor “dmesg --follow”, plug in the micro-B connector to the Android, and then plug in the type-A plug to the Jetson (the full-sized ports of Nanos are type-A). See what the plugin log message says as a result of that plugin event.

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