How to Send data from jetson nano to windows pc host via ethernet?

I creat csv file with python in jetson nano. I want to send data to Windows pc host. How can I do that ? Previously, I shared file with host pc but I cannot read inside of the file while jetson nano using this.It seems like empty in local but their size changing so it’s not empty at all. Are there any method to read file with host pc while jetson nano using file?

An ssh client could copy the file. PuTTY is one example. I’m not sure how to use PuTTY on command line for batch, but very likely it could do so. Ssh is already running on the Jetson, and although you could set up something with network neighborhood sharing, this would be a very complicated undertaking and consume a lot of resources.

Or you could run a web server on the Jetson if you are on a reasonably protected network and just grab the file like you would from any web server.