Transferring files from PC to Jetson Nano

Hi guys :)

I recently bought a Jetson Nano to make a vehicle counting project on it. I already started to work on my Windows 10 laptop and I would like to put all the code I have on my PC to the Jetson Nano, but I do not know how to do ?

I thought of putting it on a Github or a Google Drive with my PC and then downloading with my Jetson Nano, but it would require internet connection, which I would prefer not to use.

Is there a way to put the code directly on my SD Card on my PC and then putting the SD Card back to the Jetson Nano ?
Or transferring these files or a zip file of the files with Putty or something like that ?
Or even with USB key ?

Thank you for your response :)

Hi @infodev

You can transfer your file SD card or USB device but if you would like to transfer your files directly, you can use “” IP adres via ssh. You should connect the debug port via micro USB cable to your host PC. Than you can use “scp” with this IP address without internet connection.

For example if your user name is nvidia for Jetson module;

scp <file_name> nvidia@

and also you connect to your Jetson module

ssh nvidia@

Thanks for the reply.

For know I transfer with USB but I will consider via ssh later.