PC (linux) to jetson tk1

Sorry to bother y’all,

I was wondering if anyone had found out how to transfer files from the PC to the Jetson TK1 through USB? I know people will say to get internet access through the Jetson, unfortunately, I am not able to do that and have some difficulty in trying to transfer files from my Linux host to the Jetson.

Obviously the easiest way is to use the ethernet cable (it doesn’t really need Internet connection, but a local network).

It might also be possible to set up USB networking.

Or then move files inconveniently with SD cards.

… or usb flash drives :)

Please tell me how to transfer data from PC (use Ubuntu 14.04) to Jetson TK1 (install L4T 21.3) board through USB 3.0 port
Thanks you very much

There are some USB external network cards. Also, external USB SATA drives or thumb drives. USB is not set up to allow acting as a data device, so direct copy over USB is not possible without some form of adapter.