Streaming image from smartphone camera using US micro cable


I’m currently trying to stream video data taken from smartphone camera to the Jetson nano device using UDP. I’m using a setup below :

[Smartphone][USB-C to USB-A][USB-A to USB micro B][Jetson Nano]

It seems that the phone is aware of IP address 192.168.55.(Jetson)1 but somehow UDP streaming is not working. Is there any way to resolve or workaround this issue(for example use USB-A and do some stuff?)?

Looks like the connection is more suitable for file transfer. For live streaming, we suggest use local area network. To have the phone and Jetson Nano in same LAN and run UDP.

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Thank you for your answer. But that’s not the answer I was looking for. It’s not like I don’t know about LAN.
I’m planning to put my phone with Jetson Nano robot, using it as a second camera of jetson nano(instead of Pi camera…etc to utilize sensory capabilities in smartphone). Obviously, LAN doesn’t work if robot goes too far…etc. It’s more like i’m looking for a direct connection between a phone and a jetson nano.

Thank you

It looks like you would need to run Jetson Nano as a USB host in the usecase. But in the connection, Jetson Nano is in USB device mode. A possible solution is to connect the phone to Jetson Nano through type-C to type-A adapter. If there is certain driver on the phone, you may access the phone cameras through UVC driver.

A similar usercase is USB tethering:
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Thanks @DaneLLL

I’ll reply back after I get new cables!

Thank you

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