Nano and Android Tablet

I was looking to use the Jetson Nano to control a high framerate camera to essentially extend the capabilities of a tablet. Would this be a possible project? There are some nice USB cameras that can record at high framerates and have better lenses than your typical tablet and I would like to take advantage of that in an economical way. Could you control the Jetson through an android app and the usb port of a tablet, for example? I basically want to use the tablet as a controller and screen/input device.

We don’t see existing implementation for this use-case. It seems not to be a possible use-case since generally Android device runs in USB device mode, when connecting to another device(such as host x86 PC). So does Jetson Nano. It would require some investigation/development in running table in host mode and Nano in device mode.

One possible solution is to have the tablet and Jetson Nano in same LAN, so that you can login Jetson Nano through ssh and run gst-launch-1.0 to launch USB cameras. There are steps of launching USB cameras:
Jetson Nano FAQ
[Q: I have a USB camera. How can I launch it on Jetson Nano?]

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