Jetson Nano in Headless and Connecting to Andriod Tablet

For the home project i am working on i would like to have jetson nano in headless mode and have it connect to a andriod tablet (i have multiple tablets that i am not using and willing to root if required) which has an App(GUI frontend) which then pushes the data from the app to the jetson nano. I prefer connecting to it via hdmi to overcome any unwanted firewall/networking issues that may arise.

Is this possible ?

Do you mean you want to connect like below

HDMI <-> Android tablet <-> jetson nano.

Jetson naon can be worked as a usb device. However, we are not sure if it’s compatible with android or not. There is a usb-ethernet interface would be created if the host supports it and host/device can ping each other through that interface (l4tbr0).

Thank you for your reply, yes I want to use hdmi to connect between nano and android tablet. So are you suggesting instead of HDMI I can use usb/microusb(as tablets do not have usb) to Ethernet adapter and have a Ethernet cable connect with nano and the adapter ? Please forgive my ignorance what is the use of l4tbr0 in this case ?

What kind of data are you pushing, and in what direction? HDMI is not a general data interface. There are some HDMI input interfaces (video capture) and some HDMI output interfaces (video out to a monitor).

Taking a picture and audio from the app and pushing them to the nano.

I can’t guarantee it, but so far as I know the Nano HDMI can only be used for output. What connectivity does your tablet have (other than HDMI)?

It has microusb. I am not firm on using hdmi : I am open for options that will work for the nano.

No… I don’t think HDMI can be used like that. I believe it is not regarding to jetson nano. Even other devices don’t use HDMI interface in such way.

l4tbr0 is a ethernet interface that can be used if you connect micro usb on jetson nano to your host.
It is actually using micro usb to transmit data but we set up a interface. It is similar to wlan0 or eth0 in “ifconfig”.