Connecting Jetsons together as USB device and host

Hi, I am working on an architecture where we’d like to connect two jetsons together, as you would with a development PC and a Jetson. But it is not working. The exact setup is:

Jetson Xavier NX (production module)
Jetpack 4.6.3
Screen, keyboard and mouse attached
Ethernet internet connection
USB micro
Jetson Xavier NX (production module)
Jetpack 4.6.3
Headless, no other connections.

So the host Jetson’s USB A port is connected to the device jetson’s USB micro port. I can’t SSH to the device Jetson at as I’d expect.

Is there a way I can make this work?

Thanks for your help

This setup may not work properly. Generally we connect to a Linux host PC to let Jetson platform switch to device mode.

Are you able to enable the two devices in LAN(local area network) and login by executing


Hi Dane, thanks for the response. Both Jetsons are accessible via ethernet if they aren’t interconnected with USB. If they are connected to both ethernet, and interconnected with USB as described above, the USB host Jetson is inaccessible via either ethernet or USB. Any thoughts you have would be appreciated, this would save us a lot of time. Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the late response, have you managed to get issue resolved or still need the support? Thanks

Hi Kayccc, I didn’t receive any suggestions to rectify this issue so it is not resolved. If you could provide any pointers or assistance that would be much appreciated.

We may not support this case. The Jetson platform is expected to be in either device mode or host mode. When inserting USB disk to Jetson device, it is in host mode. When connecting Jetson device to a host PC, it is in device mode. It is not able to be in device and host modes concurrently.

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