Jetson Xavier development kit installation help


I have previously worked with Jetson NX and Nano. The setup and installation were easy where we flash the image in SD card and use it.

In Jetson Xavier, I understand I have to use a linux px to flash the image. I am following this tutorial :

Xavier: Model No P2972

The tutorial uses JetPack 4.1.1 ( and it shows to download the file “” and proceed with installation.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I tried looking for latest JetPack image (say, I couldn’t find any .run file as shown in the video. Where can i find it? I could only see SDK Manager files and zip files.

  2. When I try to use jetpack-4-1-1, I connected my laptop to WiFi and Jetson AGX Xavier to Ethernet port. I had access to only one ethernet port. Will this cause any issues?
    Also, I get an error " Downloading(error)" in components manager page of installation. I cant download any packages. It does not specify what kind of error. How can i resolve this issue?

It would be helpful if I could get some guidance.

Thanks and Regards


This video is too old to use. The installation app has been changed. It is sdkamanger now.

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