Burn PKC Disable accidently problem

Has"Burn PKC Disable accidently problem" been resolved on L4T R32.5.1?
We used L4T R32.4.2 before, now we are updating to L4T R32.5.1, so do we need to modify this pach files on L4T R32.5.1 ? See the link below :

hello rd1,

yes, the fix has checked-in to the r32.5 release code-line.
you could use the native JetPack-4.5 release (or newer) to include the change.
please also refer to r32.5 Release Notes,
for example,

[Top Fixed Issues]

200656458 | Jetson Nano (P3448-0000 and P3448-0002) with SecureBoot: The pkc_disable fuse is programmed to 0x1 with the -p option.


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