C-series vgpu profile in vmware vsphere


Using nvidia vgpu software in version 13, are C-series vpgu type profiles supported in vmware vsphere ? The license is vWS.



I don’t get the full intention of this question. Which GPU are you using? vWS licensing is a superset of all the others, so why would you need C profile?
Would only be relevant for compute only GPUs (A30/A100/H100) where no vWS license is available as these GPUs don’t support graphics.


C profiles are optimized for certain usages, such as compute-intensive server workloads, such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, or high-performance computing (HPC). This profile better meets the requirements for our users.

Could you please mention which GPU. I’m sorry to say that your assumption is wrong. vWS license contains all the C - profile features. You can even license a VM with a C- profile when you have only a vWS license in your licserver

It is A40. I did not say vWS does not contain C profiles. It does. But why C profiles do not appear in the selection menu, in the settings of the virtual machine, in vmware sphere ?

Have same problem here, C-series Profile not appear on the list, any update for solving this? thanks


vSphere doesn’t contain C-profiles any more for vGPU as this is a new offering (Nvidia AI Enterprise) that contains the C-profiles.

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