Cad converter extension bug

Is there a known problem with CAD converter in the latest version if Isaac Sim? When I enable it in extensions a small red triangle with an exclamation point appears next to the enable button saying there are dependencies errors. I’ve attempted to trace which dependencies are missing but I haven’t the one that’s an issue. I’ve attempted to revert back to an older version of CAD converter but each time I select the older rev it simply goes back to the new one with the issue.

could this be what you were seeing? Cad Converter Failed to Import Python Module - #5 by pkoprov

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Very similar to what I was seeing. He used a hotfix but he was using an older version of Isaac Sim so that wouldn’t work in my case. I actually did try to roll back to an older version of Isaac Sim but ran into the same problem.

I then attempted to rollback just the extension, but for some strange reason each time I would revert it would go right back to the latest version. I then went into my file system and deleted out the latest version of the extension and the I was able to activate an older version. The older version worked, and I was able to keep moving forward with my project.

It might be something the Isaac Sim team wants to check. I thought maybe this was only a problem on my system, but I asked someone else I know to try and they ran into a problem as well.