Caffe runtest fail TX2

I encountered some failed tests for Caffe’s “make runtest”. I launched it in one thread (without -jn). After this fail i reflushed TX2 with JetPack3.1 again and reinstalled everything, following instructions (same as previously) and spill get runtest fails with
, full log in attachment.
I did identical installations on other TX2s and they had no fails. For now my program seems to work without any errors, but i’m still worried.

Could this be a problem with hardware?
caffe_runtest_tx2.txt (370 KB)


We have found some Caffe unit test can’t pass on Jetson platform.
But didn’t find any negative impact with Caffe until now.

After checking your error message, most errors occur from LMDB or optimizer, which is for training stage.
In general, TX2 is used for inferencing step and doesn’t have too much opportunity to use these function.