TX2 Jetpack3.3 CUDA 9.0 Opencv3,3 Caffe runtest failed

I configure caffe environment on TX2 with Jetpack3.3 CUDA9.0 Opecv3.3 and build without error but when “make runtest”,there is a error:

F0116 08:25:53.687989  9881 test_bbox_util.cpp:279] Check failed: out_bbox.xmax() == 50. (50 vs. 50)

And I add caffe to my project,when I build it ,it output with an error:

F0116 09:17:54.533967 17525 pooling_layer.cu:212] Check failed: error == cudaSuccess (48 vs. 0)  no kernel image is available for execution on the device
*** Check failure stack trace: ***

I append my makefile.
Makefile.config.txt (4.21 KB)
Makefile.txt (23.4 KB)


You can check this tutorial for the configure to build Caffe on TX2:

AFAIK, there are some issues in the training related test for Jetson platform.
But you should be able to run the inference on TX2 without issue.