caffe test error with CUDA 9.1 [ cannot open shared object file]

Hello guys!
When I test with caffe, this problem occurs so-called [ cannot open shared object file]

This is my system list
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
CUDA version: 9.1
NVIDIA Driver :x86_64_390.25
Intel compiler version :2017

I have to use cuda 9.1 because of Intel compiler.

How can I fix this error.

plz help me

If you must use CUDA 9.1, you would need to recompile/rebuild caffe from sources, pointing it at your CUDA 9.1 libraries.

Thank you for your comments

I rebuild with CUDA 9.1 and i get an warning Message.

ld: warning:, needed by /usr/local/lib/, may conflict with

So i install cuda 8.0 without installing other NVIDIA Accelerated Graphics Driver and symbolic link.

After that i add the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH in ~/.bashrc but that warning message pop up again.

so caffe is depending on opencv

If you want to the opencv install to use only CUDA 9.1, you’ll need to rebuild opencv also. You may also need to rebuild any other caffe dependencies, if they use CUDA