Unable to use cuDNN with CUDA 11.X

I’m trying to use cuDNN with CUDA 11 (I’ve tried 11.3.1 and 11.4.2). My code compiles and works fine without cuDNN but as soon as I try to use cuDNN, I get an error at runtime saying

Could not load library libcublasLt.so.10. Error: libcublasLt.so.10: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Please make sure libcublasLt.so.10 is in your library path!

I do not have CUDA 10 anywhere on the server and I’m unable to figure out which part of the code is requesting libcublasLt.so.10 and why. I couldn’t find anything on googling the issue.


The above error indicates, libcublas is not installed. Could you please verify by dpkg -l | grep libcublas.
Also please make sure you’ve installed CUDA correctly (Installation Guide Linux :: CUDA Toolkit Documentation) and the version is compatible with cuDNN 8.2. We always recommend you to please us the latest version.
Support Matrix :: NVIDIA Deep Learning cuDNN Documentation


I do have libcublas installed (it’s part of the standard CUDA Toolkit). My workaround for now is to install 2 CUDA Toolkits (11.3.1 and 10.2) so that cuDNN can find libcublasLt.so.10.
P.S. I installed both toolkit versions exactly the same way.