Camera driver failing at startup hangs boot

I’ve added a new camera driver for our mipi camera based on the ov5693 driver. I added it to the device tree and remove the plugin manager. I also specified that it be a LKM via the config.

It seems to be starting automatically during boot, and it has a error (the mipi stream is not actually running yet) and it stops the boot up of the AGX.

Why is it getting started at bootup. Is some hardware in the DTS causing it to get detected and started automatically? I’d like this to go not happend.


It’s could be something wrong with the driver or device tree modification.
Any error message before hangs.

Did you change the driver name? You can build it as LKM that shouldn’t load during boot up and try to probe it after boot to system.

I just changed that in the config. Hopefully won’t load now. I’m using the OV5963 driver files for now.


May sure it build as LKM, also you may need to connect UART to check the message.

Thanks. I do have a uart on the console port and its starting at boot and it’s a LKM in the config.

Someone recommended removing the compatibility line in the DTS – does that start a LKM?

ov5693_c@36 {

compatible = “nvidia,ov5693”;


Why don’t you have new sensor driver name? Your sensor is the same as reference board?
If you remove it from DT that means this driver will never be loaded even LKM or build-in module.

The driver name (file) is new but the inside module name is ov5693.


I think you should change it if it’s not this sensor module.