Camera-link to USB converter for NVIDIA-TX2 Board


We have a Bright way vision camera( which has two video outputs, HDMI(30FPS) and Camera-link(120FPS) ,The output from HDMI is not in standard format, so am planning to use Camera-link… i want to connect the camera to NVIDIA-TX2 board using a video converter card from Camera-link to USB…Please suggest me a capture card which has compatibility with NVIDIA-TX2 board.

Niranjan B

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Hi Niranjan, have you seen the Pleora CameraLink to USB3 series of converters?

Their SDK for interfacing with the devices has support for arm64/aarch64 architecture, although I haven’t personally tried it on Jetson. You may also be interested in their variant that converts CameraLink to Gigabit Ethernet:

The Pleora eBUS SDK does support the Jetson platform and we are an NVIDIA Jetson partner.

For those interested in linking a CameraLink camera to a JetsonTX2:

Epix has a solution that might meets your needs.