Camera Rotation / Dolly Zoom speed With Alt + LMB

Is there a way to set up the camera speed while using Alt and mouse buttons like i do in maya? Default speed are super slow and it’s really hard to control and i really don’t like the way flying controls are

Hello @omerlefaruk! Here is a link to our Keyboard Shortcuts for the Viewport Controls: Keyboard Shortcuts — Omniverse Create documentation
You can use RMB + Ctrl + MMW to Adjust Move Speed Incrementally

You can also adjust the speed by clicking on the gear icon in the viewport and adjusting the camera speed.

viewport settings

Hello Wendy. Thank you for your reply but unfortunately this camera speed settings only effects the flying camera and not the Alt + RMB, Alt+MMB, Alt + LMB camera speeds. They are still the same speed when i try to change via your method

Hmm, ok. Let me ping the dev team to see what I’m missing. I’ll post back as soon as possible!

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