Better camera, iRay bug and painter connect bug

Can we use something like alt + middle mouse click to focus with the camera on where the mouse clicks. The current way is so slow (move camera, go into settings, play with f-stop).

The scroll to zoom breaks also when going to path trace from real time.

Also, going into iRay renderer on a 4070ti and then coming back to real-time or path-trace kills the rendering. It’s super laggy after going into iRay and then coming back out.

Also, the substance painter connector just says idle all the time. Also shows an empty panel in the painter UI also.

Pretty underwhelmed so far given how good the ideas sounded 2 years ago for this platform and there’s no good documentation.

Hi Rich.Nvidia,
Thank you for such detailed feedback. There is quite a lot to go through here in one post but let me try to address a few of your comments.

For the camera focus idea, there are two good pieces of news here. First, you can assign any controls and keys you want with the HotKey editor in Create. You just have to load it up and edit the commands. Secondly, you do not need to manually target and retarget cameras to get focal points. There is a target picker tool that does this for you right on the viewport menu.

For the rest of the comments, they sound like bugs and we should look into those. If you can post your logs next time any of these bugs happen, that would be very helpful.

Hi Richard_3D, thanks for getting back to me.

Regarding the camera focusing, I have watched most of your videos and didn’t see any of the pros even mention that option. Thanks for letting me know but you should get out some new videos or even docs that explains things like that. I don’t want you to put off new users and really want the ideas behind omniverse to take off (USD, etc.).

Yeah, it was a pretty bad first experience with linking apps and iRay. I’m using all the latest versions and even have the 4070ti so couldn’t believe it was still this buggy after 2 years since the marbles videos etc.

I’m in the middle of some projects but when I get time I will try to get into omniverse again and record the bugs and logs and open a new bug report. Is this the best place to report bugs for when I do?

Thanks :)